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Are you drowning in debt and searching for a way out? If you're in Flint, Michigan, we have the solution you need.

Frego Law is the leading bankruptcy lawyer in Flint, specializing in helping individuals and businesses navigate their way through financial crisis.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of bankruptcy laws, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Imagine the weight lifted off your shoulders when you have a qualified bankruptcy lawyer by your side.

We will work tirelessly to protect your assets, eliminate or reduce your debts, and provide you with a fresh start. Don’t let financial stress control your life any longer – let Frego Law help you regain control.

Call Frego Law today to schedule a consultation with our experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Take the first step towards financial freedom, and let us help you build a brighter future.

Are you drowning in debt and searching for a way out? If you're in Flint, Michigan, we have the solution you need.

What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy refers to a legal process that individuals or businesses can undertake when you are unable to repay your debts. It provides you with an opportunity to eliminate or reorganize their debts and make a fresh financial start.

Filing for bankruptcy can provide you relief if you’re facing overwhelming financial difficulties, such as significant:

By working with our experienced bankruptcy attorneys, you can navigate the bankruptcy process and explore the various debt relief options available.

The goal is to regain financial health and achieve peace of mind by developing payment plans or eliminating certain debts.

What is Bankruptcy?​

Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy in Flint

There are several reasons why you may choose to file for bankruptcy.

One common reason is excessive medical bills. Medical expenses can quickly accumulate, especially if you have experienced a serious illness or injury. These bills can become unmanageable and leave you struggling to make ends meet.

Another reason is unmanageable credit card debt. Credit card balances can skyrocket due to high-interest rates and irresponsible spending habits. You may find yourself trapped in a cycle of minimum payments and increasing debt.

Creditor harassment is another factor that can lead you to consider bankruptcy. When you fall behind on payments, creditors may engage in aggressive tactics to collect the debt. Bankruptcy can provide protection and put a stop to these harassing phone calls and letters.

Unexpected circumstances such as job loss or divorce can cause financial difficulties that make it impossible to meet financial obligations. Bankruptcy can provide a solution and help you regain your financial health.

Filing for bankruptcy offers you a fresh start by eliminating or restructuring your debt. It allows you to regain control of your finances and establish a healthier financial future.

If you find yourself facing overwhelming debt, exploring bankruptcy as a way to find relief and start anew may be the right decision.

Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy in Flint​

Types of Bankruptcy in Michigan

When faced with overwhelming debt and financial difficulties, understanding the different types of bankruptcy can be essential in determining the best course of action.

A knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can help you navigate through the complexities of the bankruptcy process and choose the most suitable type of bankruptcy for your specific situation.

Whether it’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, having an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side can provide peace of mind and a fresh start toward financial stability.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Flint, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, will help if you have a limited income and substantial unsecured debt.

It involves the liquidation of non-exempt assets to repay creditors and can provide a clean slate if you are being burdened by credit card debt, medical bills, and other unsecured obligations.

A dedicated team of bankruptcy attorneys can guide you through the entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and helping them achieve debt relief.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Flint, also known as reorganization bankruptcy, is an option for you if you have a regular income and the ability to repay debts over time.

Under Chapter 13, a structured repayment plan is developed in which you can make monthly payments to creditors over a period of three to five years.

This type of bankruptcy can be advantageous if you want to keep your assets, such as your home or car, while still achieving debt relief.

Our skilled bankruptcy lawyers can help you understand the requirements and benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, ensuring that your financial health is protected throughout the process.

Bankruptcy Exemptions

Exemptions vary from state to state, and having an experienced bankruptcy attorney who understands the specific exemptions in Flint, Michigan, can be invaluable.

We will help you identify and utilize the appropriate bankruptcy exemptions to protect your assets, such as real estate, vehicles, and personal belongings.

By leveraging these exemptions, you can maximize your ability to retain essential assets while still pursuing a successful bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Exemptions​

Other Options for Debt Relief

Facing financial difficulties can be overwhelming, but there are other options for debt relief that you can consider.

These options can provide an alternative to filing for bankruptcy and help you regain control of your financial situation. Here are some commonly used options:

It is important to assess each option and understand the potential impact on your credit score and financial health.

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At Frego Law, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers are committed to providing comprehensive legal services and helping individuals find effective debt relief solutions.

We understand the intricacies of bankruptcy law in Flint, Michigan, and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a brighter financial future.

Our legal team works closely with each client to develop an individualized strategy that best meets their needs. We provide personalized attention and support throughout each step of the process.

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Office Location

1324 W Bristol Rd
Flint, MI 48507

Monday – Friday : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays : 9:30am – 11:30 by phone only
Appointments as late as 6:30 Mon-Th by phone only

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