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Stop Foreclosure

If you find yourself falling behind on your mortgage payments you are not alone. We consider saving someone's home to be one the most important and rewarding aspects of our practice. We can assist you with loan modifications, removing second mortgages and equity loans, and getting caught up on your payments.

Property Taxes

We work with the local counties to keep you in your home when facing a property tax foreclosure or forfeiture. We can reduce your overall debt, allowing you to have enough money to catch up on your property taxes on your time table, not the government's.

Past Due Mortgage

We will design a plan based on your income and seek an order from a Federal Judge forcing your Mortgage Company to follow that plan. This is done in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, along with reducing your overall debt significantly.

Remove a Second Mortgage or Equity Loan

In many cases we can remove mortgages and liens if your house is worth less than what you paid for it.

Do not let Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, or anyone else foreclose on you.

Your first step towards eliminating this debt is to call us at 1-800-646-0075 for a FREE consultation. It will be well worth your time to talk to one of our foreclosure attorneys. If you live in Michigan we have an office near you.

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