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The Myth of the $555 Bankruptcy

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Some attorney offices try to get new clients by advertising how cheaply they will file a bankruptcy case. While all lawyers should be mindful of keeping client expenses low, in our experience many of the cases are not being charged at the “low rate” advertised by those attorneys!

It is unfortunate that unsuspecting people see a low price boldly plastered in an advertisement, yet in the very small print that they are barely able to read are the phrases “as low as” or “Starting at”.  Phrases like those mean the bankruptcy attorney is likely to charge their clients more; sometimes much more!

We have informally examined several bankruptcy cases filed by these firms and found that in almost every case they charged their clients more than the billboard or internet ad claimed- Sometimes hundreds and hundreds of dollars more. At Frego and Associates, we believe we can do better than that for every client… and we do!

At Frego and Associates we feel that honest pricing is your right! We will not tack on hidden fees or tell you to pay us up front and not pay the Bankruptcy Court filing fee (like many of these firms do that offer to file your case for a “low” price).

Some bankruptcy attorneys will collect as much money from their clients as they possibly can up front. They will file a motion to have the client pay the court fees later. If the client does not pay these fees, or is unable to for any unforeseen circumstance, they are left in harm’s way. Their case can be dismissed and the cost of reopening or re-filing can exceed what they already paid.

When we file a case we make sure that your court fees are paid and that you are protected. We do not charge extra money for affidavits, going to court with you for your 341 meeting of creditors, or reviewing paperwork that is sent to you from your creditors. And most importantly we do not set your case up to fail so we can charge you extra fees to reopen it.

In almost all of our Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, we get your case filed and the required Court Fees paid for less than the $555.00 these people advertise. Don’t be fooled by imitators!

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