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The Pig, The Chicken … and Breakfast

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The old saying goes about breakfast:  the chicken (who provides the eggs) is “involved” with your meal…but the pig (that provides the bacon) is “committed”!!

There are so many options out there for bankruptcy services…how to choose where to go?  You want a firm that is COMMITTED to knowing the law, mastering the issues, and providing top notch representation on YOUR PARTICULAR TYPE OF PROBLEM.

When you need help, don’t look for a “part time” legal provider.  Many attorney offices do 5-7 bankruptcy cases a year, or they might do 10 different areas of the law!!  If you try to do 10 different things, we guarantee you won’t be doing any of them well.  It’s just human nature…you can only split your time and attention so many ways.  And you can only invest in LEARNING so many things.

You want a law firm who makes bankruptcy a SIGNIFICANT portion of their business.  At Frego & Associates, bankruptcy is pretty much all we do.  We are the largest bankruptcy firm in Michigan (and have been for over 12 years!).  In fact, we are one of the 10 largest bankruptcy firms in the entire United States.

Where other law firms are simply “involved” in doing a bankruptcy case here and there…Frego & Associates is COMMITTED to providing the best possible service and advice for you and your family.

Come to Frego & Associates, speak with one of our attorneys about your financial problems, and see what a difference it can make in your life!!  There is a reason we are one of the 10 largest bankruptcy firms in the USA…we are committed to helping our clients all the way through the process, from beginning to end.  And that commitment makes all the difference for you!!