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If you live in Michgan you are probably paying too much for your car. We have the highest insurance rates in the nation, some of the worst roads, and more than a few predator lenders that charge an outrageous amount of interest on vehicles.

In a lot of cases people purchase a car and fall behind on the payments for a variety of reasons. In some cases these vehicles are repossessed. We can recover cars that were taken from you in some cases. We can also modify your interest rate and payments, through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to make your car affordable.

If you financed your vehicle through Credit Acceptance, Safeway, Santander, or many other companies we can probably reduce your interest and allow you keep your vehicle.

Your first step towards eliminating this debt is to call us at 1-800-646-0075 for a FREE consultation. It will be well worth your time to talk to one of our local bankruptcy attorneys. If you live in Michigan we have an office near you.