Late-Life Bankruptcies

A Growing Safety Net

By James Frego and Glen Turpening

At a Glance

The concept of a late-life bankruptcy is one that attorneys working with older clients need to become familiar with as a way of helping these at-risk individuals. Bankruptcy is becoming a bigger part of the social safety net for senior citizens where the old system of a secure, lifelong income is being replaced by permanent debt relief.
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Chapter 13 Reorganization…What Is It and How Can It Help Me?

Chapter 13 cases are often called “repayment” or “partial repayment” plans. These are bankruptcy reorganizations, where a payment schedule is set up to deal with your creditors. Chapter 13 is very similar to a debt consolidation program, but with many more special options and protections set up for you…and the power of the Federal Courts to keep every creditor from bothering you!! Continue reading…

How to Stop Foreclosure on Your Home

If you fail to make your required mortgage payments, foreclosure may occur. Foreclosure is the legal means that your lender can use to repossess your home. It allows the lender to seize your property, evict you and sell your home, as stipulated in the mortgage contract. If your property is worth less than the total amount you owe on your mortgage loan, a deficiency judgment could be pursued. If that happens, you not only lose your home, you also would owe your lender an additional amount. Both foreclosures and deficiency judgments could seriously affect your ability to qualify for credit in the future. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stop foreclosure. Continue reading…

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?

The most common form of bankruptcy in America is known as Chapter 7, also called a “Fresh Start” case. It is the most popular because it is quick, relatively easy to navigate, and often costs less than other forms of bankruptcy. In 2013, there were approximately 730,000 Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases filed all over the United States, and almost 26,000 of these were filed in the Metro Detroit area alone!! Continue reading…

What to Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers often benefit from a tough economy, but their clients, many of whom know little about the process and have even less time to research it, are usually lost when it comes to seeking the help of an expert. With creditors closing in and desperation and despair mounting, many people foolishly select a bankruptcy lawyer based on price, an advertisement or no criteria at all. Selecting the right person or firm to handle your bankruptcy can mean the difference between an eventual rebound and long-term pain. If you’re considering bankruptcy, here are some things to consider when searching for a bankruptcy lawyer. Continue reading…

Different Types of Bankruptcies: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13


Deciding to file for bankruptcy is no easy decision. How will it impact the future of your financial stability? Will it wipe out all or just some of your debt? Will you lose property like a home or car? What are the different types of bankruptcies and what do they do? Continue reading…

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